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Online Concierge
Our Online concierge Program
Our Online concierge Program is here to help you handle some of the difficulties you can encounter while attempting to shop at many of our US online retailers! As you may have already discovered, some online retailers will not accept your international credit cards, or bank wires making it difficult for you to shop. They will require either a US credit card or paypal. If you find yourself in this situation we can help!

Simply pre-fund your account with enough funds to cover the cost of all items on your list, applicable sales tax, and the Concierge Service fee. You can prefund your account via wire transfer, or we can bill your credit card on file. Once we receive payment one of our Concierge experts will place your order, and when we receive it at our center, it will be available for shipping as usual.
In Store concierge Program
In Store concierge Program
We now see a growing need for our In-store Concierge Program for a few reasons;
1) Some items in-store are not available online,
2) In-store sales can often offer a much bigger savings due to our current economy and retailers wanting to get people in the doors! It functions much the same way as our Online Concierge Program only our Concierge expert physically goes to the retailer of your choice to purchase items on your behalf. Again, you would need to prefund your account with enough funds to cover the actual cost of items and any applicable sales tax, along with the In-Store Concierge Program fee. Once we purchase your items we will ship them to you as usual.
These programs are offered to all of our clients and prices vary depending on your membership account. Please see Membership Accounts for more information.
I have been able to buy so much more for my family, now that I buy through ShipsUs.com. I trust them, and have had a great experience this far. -Miri Tabak, Israel
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