Why Choose Ships US

Ships US was born out of an internet sales business. We noticed many of our clients were requesting international shipping for their packages. After fulfilling these requests around the world for over 5 years, we realized that this activity deserved its own dedicated business, and in 2011 we launched Ships US.

At Ships US, we are dedicated to becoming the market leader for international package forwarding through fair pricing, superior service, and exceptional customer care. We cater to both consumer and small business clients.

Our services eliminate hassles with international addresses and international payment methods to enable our clients to shop with US merchants as if they lived here. Plus, we also offer the potential for significant savings on international shipping costs when our package forwarding and package consolidation services are combined.

Because we understand that everyone’s needs are different—and that your needs may change over time—we strive to make our process adapt to you, rather than making you adapt to our process. Our website is designed to accommodate you as much as possible, and we offer easy tools for managing your options and for providing instructions for package forwarding and other services.

The privacy and security of your packages and your personal data is important to us. We take excellent care of your packages throughout the receiving, storage, consolidation, and forwarding processes, communicating with you promptly and frequently about the status of your shipment. You can trust us to provide superior service every time. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us for personalized assistance.

Very Good


Great Service

- Aviad Binyamin

Thank you for best service!

- Client

Good store to buy everything

- Zev Feldman

Great and amazing service, number 1, thank you !!!!

- Assaf Sharashov

Amazing package forwarding service with personal, flexible service

- Amnon Levav

The greatest logistic company ever

- Fisher Cai

Very kind people,very helpful and professional.

- Calin Bun

perfect service, perfect price.

- Eran raz

Very good shipping service. Working for years with it!

- Dima Makarenko

Amazing service and great people to deal with

- Abdulla Alwan

Many thanks to the guys at this company. Excellent service, comfortable communication.

- Dim Chen

This company mails things quickly and is super easy to deal with! Thank you!

- Michael Woolson

Great service. Highly recomended

- Client

Awesome shipping service such a great way to save time shipping for my business.

- Eric Rivera

I've been using them for over two years now!
Sending from the US all over the world...
Fast service, great customer support, can't be thankful enough!

- Yuval Shafrir

Amazing and trustworthy I have never had any issues working with this company and I highly recommend them.

- Joshua T Berglan

The best service of shipping! Excelent priceing and comunication! Thank you for all

- Carlos Borba

Using only this service to send me merchandise.
Get ir quick, packed carefully at low price.
Thank you shipsus!

-Rami Tabac

ShipUS has been my choice for freight forwarding for many years, always cater for that fine detail, my shipments always stay safe with them, no problems in receipt or storage. No annoying messages or emails. And if you want them to so online shopping for you. They will get you the best deals ever. Just tell em what you need and what your willing to pay for it and they will not dissapoint you.
Yoni & Christine are like a familly abroad to me! Ive dealt with them for years and they are nothing short of being helpful, positive, honest and trust worthy. They love what they do and they respond to your needs anytime you get in touch. Top notch service ! Keep it up and i will see you guys when i fly over next :)
Thanks for all your passion.

- Ahmed Bin Saifan

I live outside US and I use this service for forwarding Amazon and other packages. Aggregation ability is great and fair prices. goods also arrive in couple of weeks.

- Ori Tabac

ShipsUS is undoubtedly one of the few honest people out there. We've never saw such professionals with such high attention to detail! Thank you very much!

- Flektarn Combat

I've been a member of the Ships US service for more than 4 years by now. Service is excellent, reliability is perfect and prices are fair. I highly recommend trying their service, you are bound to use it again and again. I know I did

- Nir Dvir

Best Package Consolidation Service From USA to Malaysia. I have been a user from 2013. their service is great and packages were well consolidated. Nothing but praises. Not a single package was missed. And best of all, fast and quick replies about package status.

- Kevin Feng

This service was a godsend. I wanted to frequently buy a product in the US that I couldn't find in Germany. In the past that has been a major hassle but these guys make my repeat buying super easy. I had to chat with them about some details and they were always responsive, friendly and, most importantly, able to fulfill my needs. Can't recommend them highly enough.

- Marc Gray

Ships US Located at
4650 Arrow Hwy, Suite D3, Montclair, CA.
Phone: 909-399-0821