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No Membership Fee Required

At Ships US, we strive to take the confusion and hassle out of shopping for international package forwarding and related services for all of our B2C services with a clear and transparent pricing structure. There are never any hidden fees when you work with us.

We keep our pricing fair and affordable by offering three different levels of membership, at no additional charge, to accommodate your needs:

Flat Rate Membership: This basic membership is ideal for individuals who need to make a single purchase from a US seller, and/or anticipate making just a handful of purchases over the course of a year. There is no membership fee for this plan.

Priority Membership: If you plan to make multiple purchases throughout the year, you’ll want to upgrade to our Priority Membership. This plan entitles you to valuable discounts on all of our services. There is a small monthly fee, but you’ll make back this cost in savings very quickly if you take advantage of our concierge and/or package consolidation services.

First-Class Membership: Designed for individuals and small businesses who need frequent shipments, our First-Class Membership provides the lowest costs on all our services. As a First-Class Member, you’ll also enjoy valuable perks like free international mail forwarding, free package storage, and the ability to have multiple names on your Ships US address.

Ships U.S. Pricing: $10.00 flat service fee plus shipping cost (You choose the shipping company) plus a 4% PayPal or Credit Card Fee.

If you are a Dealer, a Company or a Re-Seller and are interested in using our B2B services, Please Call 909-399-0821 for a detailed explanation on how our services can benefit you. Each customer is unique. We will work with you and your individual needs. Call Today!

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