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Bridging the gap between US and YOU
Merchants and online retailers here in the United States have policies in place which prohibit them from selling to and/or shipping to International addresses. This limits your ability as a consumer to take advantage of lower priced goods here in the US. This is where ShipsUS.com can help you!
We provide you with your own USA address, which opens up your ability to shop online at various US retailers with ease.

A ShipsUS.com address example: Your Name
1234 S Figueroa ST
Suite # YN1234
Los Angeles, CA 90004

(Your address will be assigned to you once you have joined)

Once you have this address you can shop anywhere you would like and have the mail/package(s) delivered to us and we then forward it
ShipsUS.com offers you a range of membership accounts to choose from, recognizing that individual needs vary. Please see Membership & Service Fees

As part of a couple membership accounts we offer package Consolidation. This is a great option if you plan on having multiple purchases delivered at different times. We will wait until we have received them all and then take those packages and consolidate them into one package. This saves you a significant amount of money on international shipping fees.

By becoming a member with ShipsUS.com you will also save up to
You can begin shopping as soon as you have joined and received your USA address! To get started please see the JOIN page.

By far the best customer service! I am so glad I found ShipsUS.com!

-Serene Wong, Thailand
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