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Get Exactly What You Want This Holiday Season with Ships USThe holiday sales are in full swing in the U.S., with great prices on top gear. On top of fantastic prices, American manufacturers are launching new products, such as the iPhone X, just in time for the holiday season. If you live outside of the U.S., you may think that you are out of luck in getting any of these deals or special items. But with Ships US’ USA package forwarding, you don’t have to wait — you can get exactly what you want this holiday season.

Ships US is a trusted leader in international package forwarding. For each of our clients, we provide a U.S.A. address at our facility, allowing you to use that address to take advantage of free or low cost domestic shipping on thousands of items from American retailers. Once your goods have arrived at our facility, we will notify you. From there, it is up to you to decide how they will be sent to you in your home country, based on your timeframe and budget. In most cases, we can have your products on their way to you within just 2 to 3 business days!

Of course, many of our clients want to shop from many different retailers — not just one — or to join friends and family in placing big shopping orders. If you want to maximize your shipping budget, we can help with that. Our USA package forwarding service is flexible, and our team works to meet your needs. We offer package consolidation for our clients in addition to USA package forwarding. The way it works is straightforward: when your packages arrive at our facility, we will open each one, remove unnecessary packing materials, and consolidate them into a single box for forwarding to your international address. Each item will be repacked carefully and securely before mailing. Using our packaging consolidation service can save you a considerable amount of money on international shipping, and can save you both time and money at customs. Alternatively, if you place a big order and want the items inside to go to different locations, we can separate products out with our package separation service. We will take the items out of the larger order as directed by you, and then we will send each item or items to different international addresses. Simple!

At Ships US, we want you to have the best possible experience when it comes to shopping online in the U.S. Working with our USA package forwarding service can help save you time and money, and can also help to ensure that you get exactly what you need, when you need it. No more waiting for product launches in your country or wishing that you could find an elusive product. With Ships US, you can get what you want and have it sent straight to you, wherever you may live. Contact us today at 909-399-0821 or to learn more about our services.

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