How Ships US’ Package Consolidation Service Saves You Money

Doing a lot of shopping in a short period of time? Let Ships US consolidate your packages for you.

How Ships US’ Package Consolidation Service Saves You Money

At certain times of the year, online shoppers tend to make a lot of purchases in a short period of time. This may happen for holiday shopping, back to school time, or just when stores are having really good sales. If you are shopping internationally on U.S. websites, you may be concerned that making so many different purchases will end up costing you a bundle, between shipping expenses and various customs and tariffs as the packages enter your home country. But with Ships US’ package consolidation service, you can have peace of mind knowing that all of your purchases can be consolidated — saving you quite a bit of money in the process.

Ships US offers a variety of services designed to help international clients shop at U.S.-based retailers. Shopping online is easy with our international package forwarding service, as Ships US will provide you with an American shipping address, and will notify you once your package or packages have arrived at our facilities. We will then await your direction as to what steps to take next with your packages.

If you have bought items from a number of different retailers, or even made a number of purchases from the same store, then you may have multiple packages coming to our facility. In that case, our package consolidation service is a great option to help you save a significant amount of money on international shipping. Consolidating your packages can also save you a substantial amount of time and money in customs. The way that this service works is straightforward. As your packages arrive at our facility, we will store them, free of charge. Once they have all arrived, we will open them up and remove any unnecessary shipping material. We will then carefully and safely repackage them into a single box. Based on your selection of shipping provider and service option, we will then forward this box to you in your home country. You will receive all of your purchases in one box, paying far less in overall shipping and customs expenses.

Consider how much you could save if you did all of your holiday shopping during the United States’ famed “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday” sales. You could take advantage of incredible deals from a multitude of retailers, and have them all sent to your secure American address at our Ships US facility. Rather than paying for international shipping each individual package — including all of the package material — you will pay for a single box, as Ships US will consolidate all of your purchases into one package, making sure that all necessary documentation is in your package and that everything is in order.

If you live outside of the United States and want to shop at U.S. retailers, Ships US offers a variety of choices for getting your purchases to you. From international package forwarding to a personalized concierge service to package separation and consolidation services, we provide options to help our clients shop in the U.S. and receive their packages easily and affordably. To learn more, contact us today at 909-399-0821.

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