How You Can Cut Shipping Costs with Ships US

By taking advantage of our custom services, you can save a bundle on international shipping expenses.

How You Can Cut Shipping Costs with Ships US

Have you ever opened up a package and wonder what exactly the merchant was thinking when they packed it? A giant box that contained a tiny item, and a whole bunch of packing material? Or perhaps you received an order that was split up into two or three boxes, when it could have easily fit into a single box. None of this may seem like a big deal if you are shopping domestically and are paying low shipping costs (or getting free shipping!). But if you are shopping in the U.S. and are paying to have your items sent to you abroad, all of this extra packaging materials and wasted space can quickly add up. Between paying for shipping, customs and tariffs, the great deal that you got could turn out to be ridiculously expensive.

If you are shopping from outside of the United States, you may not think that you have a choice about paying for all of this waste. There are often limited options available for international shipping, and you may be required to obtain a U.S. address just to purchase an item from your favorite retailer. But with Ships US, you can avoid these unnecessary expenses with a combination of two of our most popular services: international package forwarding and package consolidation.

International package forwarding is a must if you plan to shop online in the United States via merchants who do not ship outside of the U.S. Ships US provides you with your own American address that you can use when you shop online, allowing you to take advantage of free shipping and other deals. You can make your purchases with ease, and have all of your purchases sent to our facility using your new address. Once your items have arrived at your new address, we will then await your instructions as to how to proceed. Our convenient shipping provider and service option calculator allows you to choose the option that is best for both your budget and your timeframe.

By adding Ships US’ package consolidation service, you can save even more money on your shipping costs. When your packages arrive at our facility, we will open each package, remove the excess packing materials, and consolidate all of your items into a single box for you. The items will be carefully packed to keep them safe during transit, and then will be shipped exactly as you direct. Because all of the extra packaging will be eliminated, you won’t be paying for multiple boxes to be shipped internationally — saving you substantial money. You will also avoid paying multiple custom and tariff fees.

If you want to cut your international shipping expenses, let Ships US help. Combined with our international package forwarding, our package consolidation service can help you reduce the overall cost of shipping your packages from the United States. Contact us today at 909-399-0821 or to learn more about our range of services to assist you with your shopping and shipping needs.

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