Minimize Weather Delays with a Third Party Logistics Company

Don’t let unpredictable weather slow down your business

Minimize Weather Delays with a Third Party Logistics CompanyThe past year has seen its share of extreme weather, from hurricanes to earthquakes to fires to mudslides. The toll of these natural disasters has been huge, from lives lost to destruction of homes, business, infrastructure, and natural habitats and more. Our hearts truly go out to each and every person affected by a weather event, whether it occurs int he United States or anywhere around the world.

There is another way that weather can impact people on a personal level — in their businesses. More people than ever before have international sales businesses, which relay on various shipping channels around the world to move goods. While it can be challenging to handle the logistics of shipping even when the weather is perfect, it becomes even more difficult when there are events that cause delays in air travel or boat transport.

That is why it is so critical to have a trusted 3pl company in Los Angeles, CA to help you navigate the often complicated dynamics of handling shipping, inventory control and returns processing on your behalf. At Ships US, we are a reliable, efficient and affordable third party logistics provider located in Los Angeles, California. We offer a variety of services, including cross-docking, management of bonded storage, returns processing, inventory attributes tracking, client-specific workflows, appointment scheduling, and receiving and optimized directed putaway. With Ships US, you know that you are getting a reliable 3pl company in Los Angeles, CA so that you can focus on what is important to you — growing your business.

When you have a 3pl company in Los Angeles, CA, you don’t need to worry about weather impacting your sales business in the same way that you would if you were shipping goods from your home country. After all, Ships US can warehouse your goods directly in their Los Angeles facility, fulfill orders, and ship orders to your customers. They can also handle all returns processing on your behalf. If there is a weather event that prevents international shipping from operating efficiently from your home country, there is no need to worry — because your good are already safely in the US, all ready to be processed and shipped by your logistics partner.

Ships US also provides flexibility to each of its clients, so that you can adjust your account to your needs. We can pick and pack new orders, arrange transfer to a new carrier, track inventory, hold shipments and more. With Ships US, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are working with a company that is a trusted name in the international shipping business. We will work with you to make your third party logistics experience as seamless as possible.

To work with a respected 3pl company in Los Angeles, CA, contact Ships US today at 909-399-0821 or to learn more about our services.

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