Post-Holiday Sales Slowdown? Adjust Your Logistics with Ships US!

Our third party logistics services are flexible to meet your needs.

Post-Holiday Sales Slowdown? Adjust Your Logistics with Ships US!

It’s something that every company experiences: seasonal fluctuations in demand. Perhaps this is never more true than directly after the holidays, when businesses that are booming in November and December see a sharp drop off in their sales in January, February and March. It can be hard to adjust your business to meet these changing needs. That is why it is so critical to have a third party logistics company that offers you the flexibility that you need to adjust to your changing needs throughout the holiday season.

Ships US is a 3PL company in Los Angeles, CA that offers a variety of logistics services for both domestic and international companies. Our company has built is reputation as a trusted international shipping and package forwarding company. We can tailor our services to suit your needs, with a 3PL warehouse management system that includes client-specific workflows for inbound, outbound and inventory control processes, reverse logistics/returns processing, inventory attribute tracking, management of bonded storage and more.

By using a 3PL company in Los Angeles, CA, you can save significant time and money by allowing us to handle all of your warehousing, fulfillment and shipping needs. Rather than investing resources in employees to perform these activities, Ships US can perform them efficiently and effectively for you — which allows you to focus on your core business activities, such as growing your business. Perhaps most importantly, Ships US offers unparalleled flexibility. We don’t lock you into a specific shipping volume or warehouse capacity for the year — instead, we allow our clients to adjust as their needs vary throughout the year. This can help you save even more money because you aren’t paying for third party logistics services during times of the year when you simply are not selling products at the same rate that you do at other times.

Of course, because Ships US has an established history as a shipping company, we also are flexibility in how your goods are packaged and shipped. We have connections with international and domestic carriers, and can facilitate quick distribution of your goods to make your customers happier — and increase repeat business.

At Ships US, we customize our services to meet your needs. With our large warehouse capacity, we can store your shipments as they await transfer, pick and pack new orders, track inventory, arrange transfer, and even process returns. We are well-equipped to help your business reach the next level by working collaboratively with you to help decide what is the right range of services for your company.

If you need a top notch 3PL company in Los Angeles, CA, consider Ships US. We offer a wide range of third party logistics services, all of which can be tailored to suit your business’ specific requirements. Contact us today at 909-399-0821 or to learn more about how we can help you.

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