Returns Can Be a Hassle — But Not with Ships US!

Let Ships US handle your returns for you!

Returns Can Be a Hassle — But Not with Ships US!

There are many benefits to being a “Fulfillment by Amazon” (FBA) seller. Perhaps most importantly from a sales perspective, your products are eligible for both Prime Shipping and free two day shipping. FBA also handles all customer service and returns on your behalf, giving you an edge up over other sellers as customers will see the Amazon logo beside your product when shopping. Ultimately, choosing to become a FBA seller can be a boon to your business, permitting you to grow exponentially while Amazon handles many of the details of the process.

Yet one area that can be challenging for many businesses is the returns processing. With FBA, Amazon offers its customers quick and easy online returns processing. This is great for your business, as buyers want to know that they can return an item if it isn’t up to their satisfaction. However, it can also cause a headache, as not all items that are returned can be placed back in your FBA inventory.

Amazon uses a process to determine if a returned item is sellable. If it is, it will be placed back in your inventory to be sold. If it deemed “unsellable” because it is defective, damaged, or for another reason, then Amazon may discard the item (such as if it determines that the customer damaged the item). However, in many cases, the items that Amazon considers to be unsellable are actually sellable — which is why having an Amazon returns and fulfillment services company United States is so important.

At Ships US, we can become an important partner in your Amazon FBA team. By requesting that your “unsellable” items be returned to us, we can inspect and photograph your items to determine if they are truly unsellable. If they are sellable, then they can be returned to your Amazon FBA inventory quickly, increasing your return on investment We can then collect the unsellable items, and either return them to you in bulk or discard them for you. As an Amazon returns and fulfillment services company United States, we know that performing these extra steps can help our clients save a significant amount of money — and increase the number of products that they sell.

Of course, our Amazon returns and fulfillment services company United States offers more than just FBA returns processing. We can handle FBA logistics, inventory control, and more. All of our services are scaleable so that you can adjust to changes in demand for your product.

At Ships US, we understand the challenges of international selling, shipping and more. We know how difficult it can be to manage a business from abroad, which is why we are committed to helping our clients through our Amazon returns and fulfillment services company United States. Contact us today at 909-399-0821 or to learn more about our Amazon FBA services.

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