Shop Smart with Ships US’ Package Separation Service

Whether you want to send a gift or go together with friends to make a big purchase, our package separation service helps make shopping in the US that much easier.

Shop Smart with Ships US’ Package Separation ServiceAt Ships US, our goal is to make your life — and your American shopping experience — more convenient and cost-effective. That’s why we offer our package separation service. While many United States-based retailers do offer free shipping, they only do so once you reach a certain threshold — such as $50 or $100 or even more in items purchased. While that may be easy to reach for some shoppers, there may be times that you only need one or two things — but your friend, family member or neighbor might want something.

That is where our package separation service comes in handy. We can help you save on shipping charges with this convenient option. By choosing our package separation service, you can go together on a big shopping order with your friends and family to either get free shipping from an online retailer or to share shipping costs among a group of people. The order will be sent to your U.S. address at our facility, where we will await your further direction. From there, we will open up your package, divide up the items in the order as instructed, and will then repackage each item or items according to your directions. Then we will mail the packages to the international addresses as specified, so that each individual in your group will receive their requested item or items.

Of course, the package separation service doesn’t just have to be about saving shipping charges or going in with other people on a big order. You can use this service for just about anything, such as sending a gift or a surprise to a loved one in a different country. If you place an order for something for yourself, and include a gift or something for another person in that order, you can avoid paying double shipping and customs on it (by having it mailed to you and then mailing it internationally a second time). Just opt for our package separation service, and have us mail it directly to your friend or family member in their home country. It’s that easy — we will take care of the packaging and the shopping for you, and you can avoid the hassle and the expense of receiving the package, picking out the items to be sent to your friends or family members, and then mailing the items at an additional expense.

At Ships US, we understand how difficult — and expensive! — it can be to buy items from the United States when you live internationally. That is why it is our goal to help our clients get exactly what they want from the U.S. as simply and easily as possible. With our international package forwarding, mail forwarding, package consolidation, package separation, and concierge services, we offer options to fit every need. Contact us today at 909-399-0821 to learn more, or to discuss any special services that you may require.

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